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Festive greetings to the youth of Uzbekistan

Festive greetings to the youth of Uzbekistan

Dear young men and women!

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday celebrated in our country - Youth Day.

We rely on all our people, including you - courageous and purposeful young men and women - to achieve the lofty goals of building a new Uzbekistan. Therefore, ensuring the rights and interests of young people, raising the younger generation as harmoniously developed individuals is in the center of our attention as one of the priority directions of the state policy.

In recent years, our country has created a unique vertical management system in work with young people. It makes it possible to solve many issues of youth related to training, employment, meaningful leisure and social support through youth leaders - representatives of the President in the mahallas - at the lower level.

Our young men and women are experiencing in their lives the real results of the large-scale work carried out on the basis of the "Youth Notebook" and the "Youth Balance" platform.

Thanks to the introduction of a new system that promotes the increase of youth income through allocation of land plots, this year alone, based on the recommendations of the "Makhalla Seven" 156 thousand young men and girls were given 60 thousand hectares of land on lease for a period of 30 years, which was an important step in this direction.

All of us, undoubtedly, are happy that young people effectively use the created opportunities and achieve great success in different spheres. At the prestigious international Olympiads in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and informatics in the past academic year alone, 55 of our schoolchildren won 8 gold, 15 silver, 32 bronze medals, 383 were awarded the Grand Prix and 1,359 were awarded 1st place in prestigious international competitions in the field of culture and art.

We experienced great joy and pride when at the recent Asian Football Cup in Qatar, Uzbekistan's Olympic team won a ticket to the Olympics for the first time in the country's history.

Such are our talented, educated and courageous young people! These young men and women are worthy representatives of the New Uzbekistan, our priceless wealth and golden fund.

My dear young friends!

The colossal work carried out in Uzbekistan in the field of youth policy is now being recognized in the global arena. Thus, last year, according to the Youth Development Index, Uzbekistan was recognized as one of the fastest developing countries in the field of youth policy. Also, Uzbekistan was included by the UN among 10 countries of the world on the exemplary realization of the "Youth Strategy - 2030". In 2022 the city of Bukhara was declared the Youth Capital of the Turkic World, and in 2024 our city of Tashkent became the first youth capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

It will be right to say that the World Youth Festival, which is taking place in our country for the first time these days, is another vivid confirmation of Uzbekistan's high recognition. More than 700 young men and women from 92 countries, heads and officials of more than 20 authoritative international organizations, ministries and departments of foreign countries are taking part in this forum. Most importantly, our youth are gaining more and more friends and partners around the world, their opportunities in gaining knowledge and professions, participating in global dialog and cooperation are expanding.

Dear young men and women!

A nation and state in which children are talented, educated, confident in their abilities and potential, eager to learn new things, will undoubtedly have a wonderful future. We will mobilize all our capabilities to nurture such youth of Uzbekistan.

Always remember, if you cherish your every moment, live with creativity and creation, love your Motherland without limits, you will surely reach high milestones.

I once again congratulate you all on today's holiday, wish you health, happiness and success on the way to your goals.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

📅 30.06.2024

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