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Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the “SCO Plus” meeting

Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the “SCO Plus” meeting

Esteemed Heads of Delegations!

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, esteemed Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the Summit in Astana.

We are highly estimate Kazakhstan’s effective chairmanship of the SCO, which has facilitated the expansion of multifaceted cooperation within the Organization.

It is a great honor to have with us the heads of observer-states and dialogue partners, esteemed guests.

Dear Participants of the Meeting!

I believe that a meeting in the broad format of SCO Plus is timely and necessary.

The world needs to restore trust, justice and solidarity more than ever.

The current global political and economic landscape is characterized by fractures, wars, and conflicts that are undermining the foundations and key principles of the system of international relations.

The contradictions and protectionism that have emerged are creating fragmentation of the world economy and supply chain disruptions, which are in turn creating new dividing lines that prevent countries from cooperating effectively in trade, finance and investment, technology transfer and innovation.

The only viable solution to these challenges is to consolidate efforts in the interest of global security, development, and prosperity.

The SCO has always advocated for and has been committed to a just world order based on the universally recognized principles of international law and multilateralism, with the UN playing a central coordinating role.

In this regard, our Organization continues to serve as a focal point for many countries seeking to build broad cooperation without political and ideological biases.

Concurrently, the evolving circumstances necessitate the implementation of new strategic approaches to enhance the efficacy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Today, as it stands on the threshold of its 25th anniversary, it is imperative to develop a new agenda that aligns with the Organization’s immense potential and growing role in world politics and economy.

Building on the “Shanghai Spirit” and the founding principles of the Charter, unity and cohesion within the Organization should be preserved. I propose to intensify joint efforts with the objective of strengthening the atmosphere of trust and friendship within the SCO and to remove barriers to deeper cooperation.

First of all, it is necessary to undertake a comprehensive reevaluation of the conceptual foundation underpinning the SCO’s security-related activities.

The nature and scope of contemporary challenges have undergone a significant transformation since the establishment of the Organization.

Environmental and natural disasters, water and food shortages, cyberattacks, new methods of undermining sovereignty and economic stability pose an increasing threat.

All of this should also be taken into account when considering the strengthening of the SCO's potential, including the establishment of the Universal Center for Countering Security Threats and Challenges.

In this context, I propose to hold annually SCO Plus Dialogue on Security Issues with the participation of the heads of the competent bodies and experts of all our countries.

Uzbekistan proposes to consistently “reload” trade and economic cooperation in the SCO area, which continues to be fragmented.

So far, we could not manage to create a solid foundation for multilateral trade and inter-sectoral partnership.

For a long time, no consensus has been reached on the establishment of the SCO Development Fund and the SCO Development Bank.

Today at the summit we agreed to take comprehensive measures to simplify trade procedures and develop e-commerce, stimulate technological cooperation, including in the industries of the future.

In order to create an effective platform for business dialogue with the participation of all partners, we propose the annual holding of the SCO EXPO International Industrial Exhibition in our countries.

It is also important to actively promote economic interaction and seek opportunities for linking joint initiatives with the Economic Cooperation Organization, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN and others.

The new geopolitical realities convince us of the need to build an inclusive and integrated transport and transit system to strengthen interregional connectivity.

The global problems such as climate change and environmental disasters cannot be ignored by the Organization. Our countries are increasingly facing natural disasters, land degradation, reduced agricultural yields, air pollution and water shortages.

I believe that climate cooperation should become a key element of the new SCO agenda.

We advocate for developing an Agreement on cooperation in combating climate change, with concrete measures to achieve common goals and objectives in the area of green development.

We are also proposing the establishment of the SCO Center for Innovative Climate Solutions in Tashkent. It will conduct research on environmental sustainability and “green” growth.

Improving livelihoods and social protection should be given a central place on the Organization’s agenda.

We intend to hold a Global Conference on Sustainable Social Protection in Samarkand next year, under the auspices of the United Nations, as a contribution to achieving the goals Summit of the Future.

Finally, we need to strengthen and promote together a unique model of inter-civilizational dialogue.

The rich cultural, historical and spiritual heritage, traditions, customs and ways of life of our peoples are a powerful and resilient force for building bridges of mutual trust, good-neighborliness and lasting friendship.

This is the message contained in the recent UN General Assembly resolution on the International Day of Dialogue among Civilizations, adopted at our joint initiative.

In this context, the Samarkand Solidarity Initiative for Common Security and Prosperity, which we have put forward, aimed at overcoming the trust deficit through constructive dialogue and multilateral partnership, is more relevant than ever.

The practical implementation of this initiative will contribute to strengthening inter-civilizational dialogue to overcome contradictions on the path to sustainable development.

I am confident that together we can make the Organization even more creative through the implementation of programs in the area of cultural, educational, youth and tourist exchanges.

To this end, we propose to develop a Unified Bank of SCO Humanitarian Initiatives and Programs, which will enable projects in these areas to be systematized and jointly implemented.

I am convinced that the outcomes of this meeting will give a strong impetus to the development of a multifaceted partnership within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Thank you for your attention.

📅 07.07.2024

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